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Be Ready For Baseball Season ***Pitchers Shoulder Ice Packs***

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PI 220 Youth Shoulder and Elbow Ice Wrap pi200 pro ice adult pitchers ice wrap PI 240 Pro Shoulder and Elbow Ice Wrap
Youth  Shoulder/Elbow Wrap Adult Shoulder/Elbow Wrap Pro (XL) Shoulder/Elbow Wrap

Ice Wraps For All Sizes Of Pitchers

Baseball season is coming soon, and it is important to be prepared with proper ice wraps to help protect your athlete by using ice after heavy throwing workouts and between innings and be prepared to provide instant acute shoulder, arm and elbow injury treatment.

It's important for young pitchers to maintain appropriate pitch counts, but also to ice their shoulders to help reduce the micro-trauma that can lead to chronic shoulder pain and dysfunction.

Each size of pitchers shoulder ice wrap comes in a kit version. For young pitchers, the Youth Pitchers Travel Kit contains the Youth shoulder and elbow ice wrap, an extra ice insert and a portable insulated cooler bag to keep the ice packs ready to go for up to 12 hours. Adult pitchers travel kit and Pro Pitchers Travel Kit are also available with the same wrap/extra insert/cooler bag combination.

The Pro-Ice Shoulder & Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap delivers professional, therapeutic icing and compression for the shoulder and upper arm, like no other ice wrap on the market. The unique, patented, window pane design of the Pro-Ice Cryoblanket, hugs the shoulder and elbow to provide custom-type-fit for the target treatment area and maintains a consistent temperature for up to an hour.

It delivers maximum therapeutic effectiveness by cooling the shoulder & upper arm through all four stages of icing, when most other ice wraps only reach stage one or two. Pro-Ice helps relieve pain and swelling from acute injuries such as rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations, shoulder & elbow tendonitis and shoulder & elbow sprains.

Many athletes use Pro-Ice to help reduce repetitive tissue micro-trauma from turning into chronic dysfunction and pain (prophylactic treatment). Pro-Ice is also effective treatment after shoulder surgery, during rehab to facilitate quicker recovery and for use at home for shoulder arthritis and everyday aches and pains. The Pro-Ice shoulder & elbow wrap can be used for either arm.

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