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Sports Ice Kits

Ice wrap kits are designed to give you the ability to provide instant cold therapy when it is needed for any reason, whether it's a sports injury or an on the job injury.  Being ready and able to handle any emergency that might require cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain is extremely important because the quicker ice is applied, the less swelling and chronicity is likely to occur.  Be ready with Pro-Ice Cold Therapy Kits.  There are four kits available, three Pitcher's Travel Kits (Adult, Youth, Pro) and one Team Safety Kit that includes four different wraps to handle any circumstance in which cold therapy might be required (ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist), most of which have multiple body uses.


Pitcher's Travel Kits   Shoulder Cold Therapy For Pitchers Of All Sizes

Pitchers shoulder ice kits includes a shoulder / elbow wrap, extra ice inserts and a portable, travel cooler bag to carry your ice packs to the game or practice to keep them cold and ready to use.  Pitching introduces great forces into the shoulder and elbow and causes microtears in the soft tissue.  Icing the shoulder helps reduce inflammation before it gets out of control and ends your season, or your career.   Pro Ice Shoulder Kits are The Best Shoulder/Elbow Icing Product On The Planet!



Essential Team Safety Kit  4 Different Ice Wraps To Be Ready For Any Cold Therapy Need - Pro-Ice PI 920

The Team Ice Kit includes the shoulder ice wrap (no elbow piece), a wrist wrap, a knee wrap and an ankle wrap. All come in the insulated, portable travel cooler bag to keep all your wraps ready for any icing emergency. Great for trainers, team coaches, workplace safety managers and any business that desires to be ready to treat workplace injuries with cold therapy.


First Aid Ice Wrap Kit For Teams
Athletic Trainers Icing Kit




Shoulder Ice Wrap Kit  -Portable Shoulder Ice Kit  - Pro-Ice PI 860

This Shoulder Ice Wrap Kit includes the shoulder wrap (no elbow piece), extra ice inserts and a portale, travel cooler bag to keep your ice wraps ready to use anytime, anywhere. 


Shoulder Only Ice Wrap Kit 

Includes Wrap, Extra Inserts & Travel Bag

Shoulder Ice Wrap Kit With Extra Ice Inserts and Travel Cooler Bag
Pro-Ice PI 860 Shoulder Ice Wrap Kit