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Pro-Ice Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap PI300

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Pro-Ice Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap PI300
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Product Details

The Pro-Ice Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap provides compression and cold therapy for the wrist from base of thumb to mid-point of the lower arm. The Pro-Ice Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap is particularly effective for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendinitis of the wrist. The patented window pane design of the Pro-Ice Cryoblanket ice inserts hug the wrist to provide soothing cold therapy through all four stages of icing for the most effective cold therapy you can find. The inserts are filled with a non-toxic, non-hazardous, food grade material with the same characteristics of water and will freeze at 27 degrees and stay frozen longer than ice. When not in use inserts may be stored in the freezer (flat) or outside of the freezer (flat) in a cool & dry location. Purchase of the Pro-Ice PI300 wrist wrap includes - the wrist wrap and one complete set of ice inserts. Additional Cryoblanket inserts - Model pi301 are available for multiple patient use, continuous icing and for teams to have on hand for the treatment of multiple wrist injuries. - Fits either hand.

The PI300 wrist wrap can also be used as a multi-use ice wrap and works well for the elbow, hand and fingers, shin and knee.

  • PI300 Pro-Ice Wrist Wrap Provides Therapeutic Cold Therapy To Help Relieve Wrist Pain and Swelling
  • Comfortable and Convenient To Use
  • Better Because It Stays Colder Longer
  • Provides Ice Therapy And Compression
  • Indicated For Wrist Sprains
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendonitis of the Wrist
  • Wrist Arthritis
  • Wrist Fractures and More.
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